2017-05-20 06:11:23


Imagine U R With Ur Girl Friend Or BoyFriend Under The Blue Moon And It Is A Romantic Night But U Realise That It Was Ur Last Time To Be Together Wat Will U Do For Him Or Her To Remember U Either In Hell Or Heaven In Less Than 5 Seconds ?
  • smart joker

    Bt tht is an imagination
  • Becky brown

    u guyz r all wastex ur time.she said imigine!.as for me,i'll just stop imiginex at once!.
  • Jessie B

    kiss for 3s then bye for d 2s
  • Matrix

    wann i g'v amiz dept kiss
  • Matrix

    wann i g'v amiz dept kiss

    i give him a kiss.
  • michlly

    mmmmmm ican just gve him a deep kiss,n says that ilov him.